Tips To Hosting A Successful Thanksgiving Dinner At Your Home

The sounds of canada geese overhead, summer’s abundant harvest, a chill in the air and leaves falling are all signals that Thanksgiving is close. Is the thanksgiving feast at your home this year? Whether it’s the first time you’re responsible for getting this special dinner on the table or the twentieth, you’ll likely feel some [...]

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Mom’s Apple Sauce

Try making your own applesauce. If you’ve never made it before now is the perfect time to give it a try with so many apples ripening. Maybe you have them in your own backyard but if not, we have local apples at Tru Value Foods. This recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. [...]

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Make School Lunches Fun

September always seems like a new start, no matter how old you are. Kids go back to school and holidays are done, for most people. The old familiar schedules take shape and new ones are added. Life becomes predictable. For students it means no more lounging around in the morning or staying up late on [...]

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