Our Roots Run Deep In the Communities We Serve.

Our Roots

In 1991 the first Tru Value Foods sign went up over a store in the village of Brentwood Bay on Saanich Inlet. The store’s new owner was Wayne Verch, who, along with business partner Jerry Rainer, had learned the retail food business under Alex Campbell at Thrifty Foods. The two were actually working for Alex when they purchased the Brentwood Bay store. Alex knew of Wayne’s dream to start his own chain of local food stores, and supported him in his decision to pursue a new path.

When Brentwood Bay Tru Value Foods opened its doors – four days after Wayne and Jerry took possession! – customers were treated to a full-service grocery store that reflected its neighbourhood niche, offered excellent variety and selection, and was on the lookout for ways to benefit the communities of the Saanich Peninsula.

In the years that followed, more Tru Value Foods locations were added.  They have become a staple on Pender, Mayne and Quadra Island (two locations on Quadra) and are all heavily involved in a variety of local charitable organizations.