Don’t you love those BBQ smells as they permeate your neighborhood? Fresh cut grass and mouthwatering BBQ smells just go together. And who wants to heat up a kitchen with an oven on a beautiful warm day.

Whether you’re new to BBQ or an old hand, we thought we put together a refresher for all to get you going this season.

Get Your Meat to Room Temperature

You don’t want the outside burned and the inside undercooked so get your meat out of the fridge an hour before you plan on putting it on the BBQ.

Organize Your Work Space

Make sure you have all your tools together beside the BBQ with enough workspace. When you have to keep running into the house to get things you need, you’ll catch on to this pretty quickly.

Get Your BBQ Hot

This is also an opportunity to clean your grill. Once the grill is hot, use a wire brush and scrape it clean.  Using oven mitts, dip folded paper towel in oil and grease the bars. This will prevent your meat from sticking (nothing more annoying that a layer of burger sticking to the grill) and you’ll get all those great grill marks on your meat.

Heat Zones

Leave one burner on high and one on medium. You can use upper racks as warmers. You can always shuffle food around from the hot spots to the cooler ones. It’s involves a lot of experimentation but that’s the fun of it.

Rest Your Meat

If you take steaks directly off the BBQ and serve them, you may wonder why this excellent cut of beef is tough. The reason is that the meat needs to rest so that the juices can be reabsorbed into the meat sinews. Wait five minutes and it will be melt in your mouth, tender.


There are some great flavourings to try. Glazes are syrupy type coatings that are applied during the last few minutes of grilling. They are generally honey, maple syrup or molasses based.

Wet and dry rubs need a little more prep time. Dry rubs are a mixture of herbs and spices, giving your meat a savoury crust. Wet rubs are herbs and spices with a liquid or two thrown in. Leave your meat in a sealed bag for at least an hour for a wet rub.

Marinades will both tenderize and add flavour to your meat. If you can, soak your meat in the marinade, in your fridge, overnight. Use sealed plastic bags or glass or stainless steel containers. Shake off excess marinade to prevent flaring on the BBQ.

Resist Touching the Meat When Grilling

Sure you have to turn it but resist poking, stabbing and flipping too often. Give meat time to sear and develop a crust. Turn when grill marks are visible. The idea is to keep the juices in the meat so don’t overwork it.

We hope we’ve given you enough of the basics here. Like any form of cooking, it’s all about experimentation. You’ll soon be developing your own marinades and other flavourings. It’s fun and tastes so good.