September always seems like a new start, no matter how old you are. Kids go back to school and holidays are done, for most people. The old familiar schedules take shape and new ones are added. Life becomes predictable.

For students it means no more lounging around in the morning or staying up late on school nights. Sports activities jump into high gear. It’s a challenging time of year for parents as they must again become the supreme jugglers, keeping all members of the family on track and organized.

An important component of making sure your children are able to meet the demands of school and extracurricular activities is nutrition. Every parent has felt, at some point, that they need some new ideas for school lunches. Many young children are picky eaters and you don’t want your kid trading down his or her healthy lunch for a bag of cheezies.

Here’s a few suggestions –

Sushi Look-Alike
Kids love these tiny compact rolls. They make them feel grown-up and special. Flatten two pieces of brown bread with a rolling pin, spread bread with cream cheese, lay cucumber and carrot matchsticks at the bottom of each side and roll up tightly.  Cut up each piece into four.  You could also add sandwich meat.

Pack sandwich fillings, cheese and crackers and let them create their own combinations.

Glad Disney Zipper Bags
Pack veggies, fruit, crackers, meats and cheeses separately, like a picnic. These fun, decorated bags will get their attention.

Bread-Free Wraps
Wrap lunch meat around a cheese stick. Add some veggies and fruit.

Fun Shapes
Use cookie cutters to make sandwiches. Dinosaur sandwiches are sure to be a big hit.

Ask Your Kids
When all else fails ask your kids what they would like for lunch. You may have to set some parameters for this exercise – i.e. doughnuts aren’t acceptable. You will probably be surprised at the healthy suggestions they come up with.