The days are getting warmer and that means you’ll (ideally) be spending more time cooking outdoors. Time to prep your grill for the season and get cooking!

Step One
Gather your tools. You’ll need a stiff grill brush, a clean rag, vegetable oil, a bowl or clean & empty yogurt container and tongs.

Step Two
Heat the grill to loosen any food residue. No need to blast it. You just want to get it warm enough to make the scraping easier.

Step Three
Scrape down the grates with your grill brush to remove food residue.

Step Four
Just before cooking, dip the clean rag into the vegetable oil and rub it over the hot grates until they are shiny. This helps to prevent your soon-to-be grilled masterpiece from sticking.

Step Five
Stand in the sun and commence cooking knowing that you’re putting your best grill forward!