Well, first, all of three potatoes are delicious, but that doesn’t mean you can always use them interchangeably. Here’s a break down of the right potato for the right dish.


Good old, classic russet! It’s a drier potato, with a thick skin making it ideal for baking or frying. Thanks to this dryness, when you bake it you get those fluffy innards that take so well to butter and sour cream. It’s also perfect for french fries―crisp outside, fluffy french fried insides.


Red-skinned potatoes are better suited for shredding or scalloped dishes. Think latkes or potatoes au gratin. Unlike the the dry and fluffy russet, reds have waxy flesh, meaning they hold their shape better. This makes them a good option for potato salads, but not great for mashing as they can go gluey quickly.

Yukon Gold

Now, with the Yukon gold you’ve got yourself perhaps the most versatile tuber. Yellow-fleshed with a very pleasant flavour, Yukon gold straddles the wonderland between waxy and fluffy potato. They roast up beautifully, make great fries and are the perfect potato for mashing. They can even stand up to shredding, though reds are still the better choice.

So there you have it! Three potatoes and the best ways to use them when you cook. And while the Yukon gold may be the most versatile, don’t turn down cooking with reds and russets. Each potato has its own unique flavour profile.