Sweet, beautiful, magical cherries! The season is upon us. Make the most of it with this simple two-step process and enjoy the fruits of your (minimal) labour

Step 1: Choose the best cherries.

When deciding which sweet red cherries to bring home, look for deep, dark shades of red. They should be firm and smooth. When selecting Rainier cherries, look for fruit with a nice pink blush―this means they’ve had the right amount of time in the sun making for a nice sweet cherry. Brown colouring without bruising is normal and is also a sign the fruit will be nice and sweet.

Step 2: Keep ’em cold.

Cherries really do best in cold storage, so you want to get them home and into the fridge as soon as possible. Wash them before serving rather than before storing to maximize freshness. Cherries freeze beautifully. If you’re planning to use them for desserts, you may want to pit them before freezing as this can be a messy job once they’ve been frozen. To freeze, put whole cherries in a single layer on a cookie sheet and allow to freeze through. Toss frozen cherries in a freezer bag and remember to thank yourself later on!