Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs

For thousands of years decorating eggs has been a beloved rite of spring. This Easter maybe give a nod to Mother Nature and ditch the dye pellets for natural, plant-based dyes. It's a great way to use up kitchen scraps and a wonderful experiment to do with the kids! Here's what you'll need purple cabbage [...]

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Ten Essential Kitchen Staples

Stocking your kitchen with a few essential basics makes cooking and baking wholesome meals easy. Of course, kitchen staples vary from culture to culture and family to family—that's what makes food so fascinating. But we feel this list of affordable and long-lasting staples covers a lot of bases. Pulses and beans (chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, [...]

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Holiday Side Dish Round-Up

Behind every great turkey, goose or ham there are some fabulous side dishes. This holiday season, get creative with your sides and maybe start some new traditions! Click through the photos for recipes.

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Twas the Night Before Breakfast

Not having to make breakfast when you wake either allows time for a couple more snooze button hits or another cup of coffee—depending on what kind of human you are. Both scenarios are awesome in their own way. Try these make-ahead breakfast ideas and enjoy some extra time at the start of the day. Click [...]

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Game Plan: Reduce Food Waste

We’ve all opened our fridge to find a slimy mess in the crisper or disgusting ancient yogurt hidden in the back. Or least we're think it's yogurt...  Forgotten food is wasted food. Why not start a reduce the waste campaign? Maybe make it a family effort. Kids love being monitors— especially yours! They'll learn some valuable lessons and you'll [...]

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School Lunchbox Inspiration

Do you feel you’ve run out of creative juice when it comes to making school lunches? As parents you’re aware of the effects of food on behaviour. Kids perform better in school and are more attentive if they eat healthy. When packing lunches, include four of the five food groups and choose foods with minimal food processing. We’ve [...]

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It’s Time for a Picnic

Don’t you find that meals always taste better outdoors? Maybe it’s the fresh air, the sunshine and the great company of family and friends. If you haven’t gone on a picnic this summer, it’s time to make room for one on your calendar, because in a blink of an eye the kids and grandkids will [...]

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The Humble Pulse

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2016 to be the International Year of the Pulse. Pulses are a versatile food that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can be a main dish, a side dish or a healthy ingredient in baked goods, snacks and even beverages. What are they? Pulses are [...]

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Fire Up That BBQ: Summer BBQ Tips

Don’t you love those BBQ smells as they permeate your neighborhood? Fresh cut grass and mouthwatering BBQ smells just go together. And who wants to heat up a kitchen with an oven on a beautiful warm day. Whether you’re new to BBQ or an old hand, we thought we put together a refresher for all [...]

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How to Plant Your First Vegetable Garden

Tru Value Foods always brings the freshest available produce to you. Many of our staff and our customers also enjoy growing vegetables in backyards or in containers on patios. We’ve got a great selection of starter plants in our garden center to get your garden growing. Growing your own vegetables can be fun. It’s a [...]

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