As consumers, there is nothing we can do about world events. What we can control is our shopping habits. Many people are on limited budgets but don’t want to sacrifice quality. It’s time to review seven shopping tips that will reduce your heart palpitations and your bill at your grocery check-out. CHECK YOUR FLYERS Check [...]

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Eat, drink and be merry!

Yes – The holiday season mantra. While the smooth voices of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Josh Groben permeate the air like a sweet fragrance enveloping us, we drift away with these familiar melodies to another time and place. As we wind down and take a ‘peace pause’ on life, we put the gym [...]

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The Tradition Of Creativity

Every family has their tradition over the holiday season. No matter the religion or belief system, the festive spirit (starting with the sparkle of an eye) can be felt in the kindness of strangers. There is more patience among us – waiting in line to see Santa or perhaps even at the check out counter [...]

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Simple Tips for Making 2015 a Year of Good Health for You and Your Family

As the pages of the calendar turn and a new year begins, it is often the case that lofty and ambitious goals for change are made and then given up on in a matter of weeks. Making a New Year’s Resolution is a popular pastime, yet there are far too many who endeavour to fly [...]

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