Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkler

While delicious all year-round, grapefruit harvests tend to peak with the holiday season. And if you think about it, it's perfect timing for us in North America. With all the heavy foods we're indulging in this time of year, the citrus zing of grapefruit is a perfect palate refresher. Wonderful for Christmas morning brunch and [...]

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BC Blueberry Sorbet

Frozen berries make this recipe a snap! Of course you can plan ahead and freeze your fresh blueberries the night before. No ice cream maker is needed for this recipe, but you can use one if you have it! INGREDIENTS 500 grams frozen blueberries Simple syrup (250 ml water  + 350 grams sugar) 1 tbsp lemon [...]

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Roasted Lemon Maple Drumsticks with Veggies

Roasted lemon chicken legs and potatoes are a classic Mediterranean favourite and a perfect choice for the fall season. The addition of a little maple syrup caramelizes the chicken and veggies beautifully. Your kids will love drumsticks because they can eat them with their hands. The mess is all part of the fun! Ingredients: 10 chicken [...]

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