Kids get so excited about Halloween as any parent knows. Their enthusiasm is so infectious. Parents want their kids to fully enjoy the holiday but they also need to set some limits so that the kids don’t go overboard on the treats.

Most parents let their children indulge right after trick-or-treating then put the treats away and dole them out sparingly. Young children may even forget they are there.

To help you keep the sugar low we’ve come up with a few healthy treats that will be appealing to a child’s eye as well as their palate. Some of these are great for a Halloween school party.

halloween2_lunch-fb copy

All you need are cheese sticks, pretzels and chives. Unwrap 6 string cheese snack and cut in half. Cut the bottoms of the sticks to look like brooms. Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut end of the cheese stick and you’ve got a broom handle. For color contrast wrap and knot a piece of chive around the top of the cheese. Optional but colorful – the kids will likely not eat the chives!

These will make children and adults smile. All you need to do is cut an apple into 10 or 12 pieces. Spread peanut butter thickly over one side of each apple piece. Lodge peanuts on half of the slices to create ‘teeth’. Top with another apple slice and you’ve got a monster apple mouth.
halloween2_lunch-fb copy 3

This is a perfect dinner to serve to your little goblins before they go out trick-or-treating. It will set the tone for fun. All you need is some frozen crescent rolls and hot dogs. Cut the dough into thin strips so that you can create your wrapped mummies. Leave one end of the hot dog free of dough so that your kids and decorate mummy faces with mustard or ketchup, using a toothpick.
halloween2_lunch-fb copy 2

Have your kids wake up Halloween morning with these healthy fruit snacks waiting for them. They will surely bring a smile to those sleepy faces. Cut bananas in half and stand them up on the flat, cut end. Make a face on the top end using three chocolate chips. Peel Japanese oranges and place a piece of celery, carrot or even cucumber or pepper in the center (whatever veggie your kid likes will work just fine).

Have fun and Happy Halloween to all!