How to: Cook Salmon

Cooking salmon is child's play for we coast and island dwellers, right?  Not necessarily. Many of us find cooking up this glorious fish a bit intimidating. Will it be too dry? Is it undercooked? Skin or no skin? Well, here's a few tips for serving up a perfectly cooked salmon. Preheat a neutral cooking oil [...]

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Summer Sensation: Grilled Watermelon

Yes, really. You can totally grill watermelon. A quick sear on each side caramelizes the natural sugars in the watermelon and creates a completely unique flavour. Offset the sweetness with a bit of sea salt and you have yourself a refreshing dessert or an interesting canapé. What you need: 1/2 seedless watermelon cut into 1-inch [...]

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Brandied Peaches

A perfect summer peach can hardly be improved upon...unless, of course you add brandy! This brandied peach recipe isn't preserved through canning methods, but stores beautifully in the fridge. INGREDIENTS 3 pounds small-medium ripe peaches 1.5 cups water 2 cups of sugar 2 cups brandy METHOD Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Blanch the peaches [...]

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