We’ve all opened our fridge to find a slimy mess in the crisper or disgusting ancient yogurt hidden in the back. Or least we’re think it’s yogurt…  Forgotten food is wasted food. Why not start a reduce the waste campaign? Maybe make it a family effort. Kids love being monitors— especially yours! They’ll learn some valuable lessons and you’ll save money—all while doing something nice for the planet. Win, win, win.

Plan Your Menu and Make A List
Detail what you’ll need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stick to your list (and remember to bring it) when shopping. Avoiding impulse buying traps, cunningly orchestrated by marketers, just for you. Resistance is not futile!

Buy In Smaller Quantities
Fruit and veggies are #1 throwaways, followed by dairy products and bread. Buy what you need. It may mean more trips to the grocery store but it’ll prevent food waste. Freeze bread, and use as needed, or store it in the fridge.

Move Items in Your Fridge
Put soon-to-expire items front & centre. We’re likely to reach first for what we can see and get to easily. And remember, best before dates are a guide, not an endgame. If a product smells and looks good, it likely is.

Reduce Portion Sizes
Don’t overload your plate. You can always go back for more.

Use Leftovers
Kids love opening their thermos to find that favourite dinner they devoured the day before. Or freeze leftovers to get a jumpstart on next week’s menu. Don’t forget to schedule a leftover day in your menu.

Repurpose Food
Imperfect veggies and fruit make great smoothies and juice. Save leftover veggies for the soup pot. Use meat bones and veggie peelings to make your own broth.

Store Produce Properly
Wash produce just before you use it. Washing it as soon as you get home encourages bacteria. Veggies and fruits should be stored separately because some fruits emit gas that encourage ripening. If you’re storing produce in plastic bags, poke holes in them so air can circulate.

Share Your Garden Bounty
Too much food, fruit and berries in your backyard? Share with your neighbours and do some community building. You can also barter your garden bounty for services or a maybe a dozen of your next door neighbour’s famous pumpkin cookies!