Tru Value Foods is a community-based chain of full-service grocery stores located on and around Vancouver Island, BC. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, healthy, competitively priced foods in a clean and friendly environment and, most importantly, to support and give back to the communities we serve.

Serving our Customers, Island Style.

While our stores all carry the familiar Tru Value banner, each venue reflects the uniqueness of its home community. Our common ground from store to store, however, remains the same: small-town friendliness and uptown selection.

We carry a full complement of conventional grocery fare as well as a wide variety of healthy, all-natural and organic products. We support local producers as much as we can (depending on what’s in season), and we welcome requests for items you don’t see on our shelves.

At Tru Value Foods we aim to provide exceptional service for all our customers.

Are you visiting our Gulf Island stores by boat? When you’ve finished your shopping, we’ll take you and your groceries back to the dock.

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