Are you really going to throw those away?!? Yes, you… with the handful of mandarin orange peels! When life gives you orange peels, you make candy. Here’s how.

Mandarin Orange Peels
Granulated sugar

Peel Prep

If you’ve bought organic mandarin oranges, they’re unlikely to be waxed. Otherwise, pour a bit of boiling water over the peels and scrub the skin with a food brush (or soft toothbrush) to remove that food grade wax. Because mandarins tend to have very little pith, it makes sense to leave it on. It’s a little bitter, but it’s also flavourful. Plus, a whole lotta sugar is on the way! Slice the peel into thin strips.


Figure out how much water you need to just cover peels and combine it in a saucepan with enough sugar to create a 1:1.5 water to sugar ratio —so, if you’re using 1 cup of water, add 1.5 cups of sugar. Boil the sugar water until all the sugar has dissolved, then reduce to a simmer and add the peel. Cook the peel until it looks translucent. Strain and reserve the syrup for cocktails, drizzling on cakes and/or spooning directly into your mouth.

Sugar Coat & Store

Toss your still warm peels in sugar and spread the sugared peel on a cooling rack until completely dry. Once totally dry, transfer to a mason jar and store in a cool space indefinitely. You now have a supply of lovely sparkly candy to add to baked goods, snack on or to give as a gift. Or go next level and dip your candied peel in melted chocolate! And to think, some people are tossing their peel into the compost…