We are so fortunate in this part of the world to have a proper apple season! Whether you’re buying them from the shops or harvesting your own trees, there so many wonderful recipes and ways to preserve apples. Apple butter is one of our favourites. So incredibly simple to make and with no sugar added, it’s wonderfully nutritious.



Apples (feel free to use a variety of your favourite apples, just make sure you have enough to fill your crock pot/slow cooker)

Spices (cinnamon & cloves or rosemary―experiment with different flavours)



Wash your apples. Don’t be afraid to use “ugly fruit” for this. Bruised apples are perfect.

Cut apples into quarters. Leaving the skin on. Discard the cores.

Put apples in the crock-pot or slow cooker and cook on high for 4 hours, remembering to stir every hour.

Carefully pour the hot apples into a blender and blend in batches until perfectly smooth.

Pour the puree into the slowcooker/crock-pot and add your spices or herbs. Cook on high for another hour or until the apple butter is as thick as you like it.

Allow to cool a bit before spooning into jars or seal-able containers. The apple butter will keep in the fridge for a week and it freezes well.