Purple cabbage AKA red cabbage is a powerhouse vegetable. It’s boosts the immune system, fights inflammation, it’s rich in vitamin-K (super good for bone health), strengthens gut health AND it’s delicious both raw and cooked. And let’s not forget about the glorious colour! That otherworldly purple hue lends itself perfectly to Halloween dishes.  And while cabbage can be a tough sell for the littles,  you may get a taker or two once you serve them a bowl of witch’s soup or magically colour-changing drink! So fire up your cauldrons and try out our round-up of creepy cabbage recipes from around the web…

Top Left Photo: Witches’ Brew – Colour Changing Halloween Drink via Low Carb, So Simple

Top Right Photo: Witch’s Purple Cabbage Soup via Tastemade

Bottom Left Photo: Halloween-Themed Purple Cabbage Salad via Food Corner

Bottom Right Photo: Food Art: The Nightmare Before Christmas via jesska.co.za