Ask a room full of people the best way to prepare fresh corn on the cob and opinions will vary. Baked, grilled, boiled, barbecued…they’re all delicious. However, we’ve come to appreciate the full flavour and simplicity of husk-on steaming. It’s easy to do and steaming in the flavour makes good sense.

Here’s how:

Choose your cobs of corn. Look for corn silk tassels that are brown and sticky to the touch. This is a good indication of freshness. Also gently feel through the husk for for plump and plentiful kernels.

Fill a large pot (a stockpot is a perfect) with 2 inches of water.

Place unhusked cobs of corn in the pot, standing up on the stalk end.

Bring the water to a boil and cover with a lid. Allow corn to steam for 15-20 minutes, adding hot water periodically to make sure there’s always some water in the bottom of the pot.

The corn can remain in the pot up to 30 minutes without overcooking.

Remove the corn and serve. The cobs will be hot, so use rubber gloves to peel.